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Pixel Bandit
”Go North? (Y/N)
A gang of BANDITS approach!”

A hoppy little scoundrel of a
Session Pale Ale.

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Brewed With

Since 2015, Lawman BrewCo has been brewing with the simple premise that great beer speaks volumes. From the very outset, we have produced the best beer possible without resorting to cheap gimmickery or hype - and the results speak for themselves.


”I mean, most animals
fear fire, yes?”

The original Stouty Stout, a rich, warm
hug for a dark night.

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"Definitely a liquid."

— Untappd

Mr. Beast
”They’re whispering his name
through this disappearing land…”

A double-barreled blast of American hops
and spicy rye malt.

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What’s It Called?

While studying Law at University, Craig Laurie worked in one of Aberdeen’s most beloved pubs, and saw the joy and camaraderie that came from chatting and sampling great beer. After cutting his teeth working for a Scottish regional brewer, his home-brewed beers received rave reviews from friends and family alike, he decided to take the plunge and start Lawman (named after his originally intended career path, for those not paying attention.)

The brewery is manned by Craig, and co-directed by Tam Gardiner (of Scotch Whisky Auctions fame) and Paul McDonagh (landlord of the world famous Bon Accord pub in Glasgow). Design and branding are handled by Craig’s long suffering sister-in-law, Emma.

The brewery is moving into the next chapter of its story, expanding, scaling up production and sending its first export orders out of the UK. Lawman BrewCo are going to put Cumbernauld (“What’s It Called?!”) back on the map.

Brewed with authority, love and passion, we hope you’ll enjoy our beers as much as we do.


Weatherall IPA
”We wanna be free…
to do what we wanna do!”

A liquid love letter to the glory of the hop.

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