New Website!

Mmm, breathe it all in. Marvel at the slick design, the visually pleasing aesthetic, the irrelevant information I probably missed during the creation stage.

That’s right, baby, we’ve got a new website! It’s been long overdue, as anyone slightly familiar with the old page can attest. I’ll aim to keep the blog updated on a regular basis with the latest news from the brewery, Red Hot Gossip (tm) from behind the scenes, as well as some more technical process stuff for anyone interested in such things.

It’s been nearly three years since we officially incorporated Lawman Brewing Company Ltd into an actual-factual company, and nearly four since I baffled the good people at HMRC with an application to register the corner of my living room as a commercial brewery. We’ve certainly come a long way in that time, and I’d like to once again give my sincerest thanks to all of you who have supported us along the way. Here’s to the next three years!


Craig Laurie