Good Riddance, 2018 - Hello 2019 Roadmap!

Ooft. 2018 was a year I’ll be glad to see the back of. I like to keep things as positive as possible on these blogs, if only because one more screaming voice on the internet is neither original nor noteworthy at this point, so I’ll leave this here for your own research and briefly say RIP to Alesela Wholesale, the loss of which I’m still upset by (Do you have any idea how therapeutic it was to have someone to rant to at least once a week?!)

Anyways. Moving on. Sunshine and happiness.

As the title suggests, this blog is hopefully going to act as a wee bit of a roadmap for what we’ve got planned for this year, beer wise; things to look forward to, or to act as warming folk ballads in the blasted post-Brexit hellscape we’re all trudging towards - No! Bad Craig! Be positive!

  • More Cask Specials/One-Off Brews

    Alright, bear with me, I know a few of you probably rolled your eyes at that one. Let me preface this by stressing that the brewery will still focus on a core range of beers, if only out of sheer bloody mindedness over how much time and effort I’ve spent obsessing over them (Pixel Bandit is on version 19 at this point. NINETEEN. I’ve lost more sleep over that beer than I did in my entire Undergrad.) That being said, there’s no two ways of it - beer drinkers crave variety. I think there’s an important distinction to be drawn between variety and novelty, though, and I’ll be forever aiming for the former category. If you see me releasing a vanilla doughnut lactose IPA this year, I am giving you full legal authority to slap me across the face for wasting perfectly good doughnuts. M’kay? M’kay.

  • More small-pack!

    One of the rays of light in 2018 was having our very own Stouty Stout, Onyx, listed across Scotland in Aldi stores as part of their summer beer festival. It was a truly eye opening experience to see just how far reaching our beer can be when it’s sold in bottled/small pack format, and given the market’s continuing drive towards at home drinking, I’d be an absolute bloody idiot to continue to focus on cask and keg formats as the foundation of the brewery. So in 2019, look forward to seeing much broader availability of all the core beers. Oh, and they’ll be in cans too. Did I forget to mention that? Yeah. They’ll be getting canned too. Moving on!

  • More tap takeovers/Meet the Brewer events!

    As far as I’m concerned, we’re at a point of such profound saturation with breweries and beers that it’s down to giving people a personal touch to really stand out. I’ll learn to overcome my bashful nature, and my deep seated fear of being forced into a cult by Craig Garvie, in exchange for talking about beer more. In person. At bars. But… in a promotional kinda way, rather than a chatty barfly kinda way.

  • Merch!

    Pretty self explanatory, to be honest. Keep an eye on Twitter & Facebook to get a say on the final designs and styles. Audience participation, woo!

I’ll also try harder to keep this blog up to date with Red Hot #Content (urgh), things like brew notes, recipe development stuff, which will probably be interest to me alone - but if you’re not screaming madly into the internet, oblivious to all around you, then do you even have a blog at all?

Bye for now (Please show yourselves out)

- Craig Xerxes Laurie