The Core Range

These beers are available all year round in cask and KeyKeg.


  • Pixel Bandit


A thirst quenching session ale, Pixel Bandit has a big hop flavour with a low ABV. A delicate combination of extra pale malt, juicy NZ hops and our house yeast give a mouth watering citrus aroma, with predominate flavours of lemongrass and tangerine. 4% ABV

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  • Weatherall IPA

 A modern take on the traditional British IPA; heavily hopped with First Gold and Jester to provide a complex, orange marmalade bitterness and full flavour. 6.4% ABV

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  • Onyx

A full bodied, drinkable stout (A "Stouty Stout", if you will), marked with a clean coffee bitterness and a dark chocolate finish. A warm hug for a cold, dark evening. 4.8% ABV

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  • Horizon APA

 A deep golden coloured American Pale Ale, packed with grapefruit and pine. 5.2% ABV

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  • Mr. Beast

A powerful, hop forward pale ale with a spicy rye edge; a massive dose of US Chinook hops complements the sweet malt with a unique piney aroma and flavour.

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  • Spectre Pils


Only gone and added a lager to our line-up! Spectre is fermented cold, allowed to lager for weeks in the classic Czech tradition, and served unfiltered for the fullest possible flavour. Beautifully balanced and super refreshing! 4.4% ABV

Seasonals and One-Offs

  • Obsidian Imperial Stout

 The first seasonal special, Obsidian is an Imperial Stout available only over the winter months. Loaded with dark chocolate malt, roasted coffee aromas and a balanced English hop bite. Only four 4.5 gallon pins were ever produced, so try it while you can! 7.2% ABV

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  • Obsidian - 2017

 The second iteration of our now annual Imperial Stout, the 2017 edition was brewed to a whopping 9% ABV. We used a combination of Belgian and UK malts to bring out a rich, dark fruitiness within the beer; all the better to survive for the six month maturation in a ex-sherry cask from a famous Speyside distillery.


  • Scoosh


Our spin on the immensely popular New England IPA style (because we're disgustingly desperate to be counted amongst the cool kids of craft), Scoosh was brewed with a high proportion of flaked oats, to lend a super hazy, absurdly juicy character to a heavily hopped IPA. Then we fermented it with fresh mango and passionfruit, because fruit smoothies are delicious - and secretly everyone really just wants to drink Lilt.  5.8% ABV

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